Welcome to Kit-T-Kat Dreams! Where a cat can kind a place called home…

My name is Jana V! Owner, founder and rescuer responsible for bringing this dream to life. I started this journey back in 2012… actually, let’s go back a little further…

Our journey truly begins with my first adoption in 1997 – a black and white domestic named after my daughter’s favorite musical artist of the time: Jewel. She was pretty onery, but we loved her anyway. After three years of being an only cat, I decided to get her a house companion, another female, a tabby, Diamond. But my love for fur babies didn’t stop there… 3 years later we adopted a third female kitty, a calico we called Ruby.

Shortly after Ruby, I finally got our first male kitty, who I called Topaz… do you see a pattern in the naming convention? Finally, we added Emerald to the family, an orange and white tabby.

Shortly after taking in Emerald, who later simply became ‘Emmy’, we moved and the true journey began…

Truth be told, I don’t know what made me to decide to start taking in litters of kittens. Perhaps it was a co-worker whose cat had kittens, who asked me if I knew where she could take them… at that moment I though, “Maybe I can do this.” The rest is history.

From that moment on, April of 2012, I called myself a rescuer, and foster parent of kittens. By word of mouth my home became a safe haven for the little four legged fur-babies that I have come to love so very much.

Year after year I come to find more and more kittens, and year after year I continue to find them homes.

Some litters are hard to place. Folks can be picky about the color of their fur or if their hair is too long. Some people want a male not a female and visa versa. But in the end, I always manage to find them good homes.

And when I can’t… my home becomes their home. Out of all of the litters I’ve rescued, I’ve kept Daniel and Milo – brothers, Olivia and Bella – sisters, and most recently, Jasper. Although that seems like a lot, as time has gone on, I’ve also suffered the loss of my babies, starting with my girl who started it all: Jewel, who passed away in 2011 at the ripe ol’ age of 14.

To date I am proud to say that I have helped placed around 102 kittens in fur-ever homes.  I currently average about 3 to 4 litters per year, with each litter averaging 5-7 kittens. And, admittedly, each time I get one it becomes harder and harder to let them go. Sometimes, my true nature as an animal lover gets the better of me and my little cat family grows by one.

All of that being said, JOIN ME, as I continue my journey in finding each cat I rescue, a place called home ♥

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